24 years to the Tiananmen massacre

Exactly 24 years ago China lived one of the greatest repressions of their history, when hundreds of students took the streets of Beijing in search of Liberty, after decades of highly repressive Maoist regime.

The result was as expected: hundreds of deaths and a strong repression in Tiananmen Square, one of the most emblematic places in the Chinese capital.

Today it’s the perfect day to remember that the economic opening didn’t lead to a democratization of goods and resources…

… that this date continues to be denied by the regime.

… that the sacrifice did not mean an increase in Human Rights policies for the Chinese people.

… that their hopes, their youth, their future was stolen, to give place to a semi-opened regime with Internet access but no freedom of speech, a Communist Party with plenty of Ferraris and Rolex.

It is a date for us to stand in front of the Chinese Regime’s tanks and give the same old message that was screamed 24 years ago: STOP.